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Loved up and want to get hitched, but hate the thought of a "Wedding"?



Pick your favourite spot on the South Coast,

whether it be park, garden or an AirBnB

with a spectacular view!

Or book a table at your local restaurant, cafe

or even winery/bar!

BYO two witnesses and we'll get you happily hitched...

fluff free!


Turn your family/friend catch-up, birthday dinner

or engagement party into an occasion!

The Surprise Celebrant will act as a simple bystander,

park enthusiast or even your waitress right up

until the moment you're ready to say...

"I do!"


TELL your guests...they'll still be surprised how fast, fuss-free and fun getting married like this CAN BE!


0-10 guests








Fast, fun, fuss-free...think a legals only ceremony but with'll be done in less time than it takes to order your meal!

Still fast and fuss free but with a bit more fizz about you or your guests...but definitely no fluff!

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UPSIZE Your love



What do you need to get Married?
On the day I just need the two of you and two witnesses over the age of 18!
At least a month prior I need to have received a completed and witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) which you can download
here .
I will also need to sight two pieces of ID.

Who can witness the NOIM?
Generally a JP, Police officer, GP (Not a pharmacist) or a lawyer can witness.  There are other options so if none of these a feasible for you, let me know and I will give you other alternatives.

What id do you need?
I will need to sight either :
1 x Primary ID with Photo - ie. a passport

1 x Primary ID without Photo - ie. birth certificate PLUS 1 x Secondary -  ie. driver's licence.

Additionally, if either of you have been married previously, i'll need to sight divorce papers or a death certificate.  All of these can be sent to me electronically as a photo or scan, when you 
e-mail your NOIM to me.

So the quickest we can get married is in one month?
Yes, and that's more than enough time to create an awesome ceremony!

why is it more expensive with more guests,
they are only watching?

Well to start with, with more guests i'll most likely have to make sure that we are heard and will need to bring my PA. More guests also do usually end up being more work - making sure everyone has arrived, crowd control, or a venue required check-in, just to give a few examples.

you say north, west, south of...where are you based?
Gorgeous Gerringong on the NSW South Coast.

how do we book you in?
Send me a quick e-mail or message below to confirm my availability for your date, and the options you're after and I'll get back to you with a confirmed quote and my terms.
If it all looks good, then we'll lock in a time for a quick FaceTime/Zoom chat to make sure the vibe is right.
After this I'm locked in when you return the signed terms and pay a 50% non-refundable booking fee.

So how long are the ceremonies?

A Piccolo ceremony is approximately 10 minutes including signing the legals.
A Magnum ceremony is approximately 15 minutes including signing the legals. 
It all depends on what you want to include like rings, personal vows and any music.



KLD 299_edited.jpg

Image thanks to KLD Weddings

HEy, I'm Shoshanna!
A fresh, fun and creative celebrant based on the nsw south coast.

The best part of my job is hitching couples in a way that totally reflects their style, and I love a good surprise!

My ceremonies aren't long winded and stuffy, but still capture your heart and the best compliment I get is "I never knew weddings could be so much fun!"

That's why i became the surprise celebrant, for those couples who want to embrace a smaller alternative wedding style and have a fun, fuss free ceremony!

I also cater to bigger and more elaborate weddings still with my same lighthearted, warm flair as the Curator of Love Stories 
check me out there if that is more your vibe.

Keep watching to see me in action, what couples have said in the past and
I'd love to hear from you if I suit your style! x





0407 335 445

Based in Gerringong, NSW

would you like fries with that?

Thanks for submitting!

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